What are the ISO 9001 2015 chapters?

ISO 22000和ISO 9001之间有什么区别?
ISO 9001 / ISO 9001常见问题

ISO 9001 2015有哪些章节?

What are the ISO 9001 2015 chapters? The ISO 9001 2015 chapters are the sections of the standard that outline the requirements for a quality management system. The chapters include:

  1. – Scope
  2. – Normative references
  3. – Terms and definitions
  4. – Context of the organization
  5. – Leadership
  6. – Planning
  7. 支持
  8. 运作
  9. 业绩评估
  10. 改进

ISO 9001 2015标准中共有10章。第1章对标准进行了介绍,而第4章至第10章则包含了对质量管理体系的要求。

ISO 9001 2015有哪些章节?


Chapter 1.2.3 – Introduction: This chapter provides an overview of the entire ISO 9001 2015 standard, as well as its purpose and scope.

Chapter 4 – Context of the Organization: This chapter requires organizations to establish and maintain a clear understanding of their context, which includes internal and external factors that can affect their ability to meet customer requirements.

Chapter 5 – Leadership: This chapter outlines the roles and responsibilities of leaders in relation to quality management. Leaders are required to provide direction and support for the development and implementation of the quality management system.

Chapter 6 – Planning: This chapter discusses the importance of planning in relation to quality management. Organizations are required to develop plans that address the requirements of the standard, as well as how they will be achieved.


Chapter 8 – Operation: This chapter covers the different aspects of an organization’s operations that are relevant to quality management. This includes things like product realisation, control of non-conforming products, and supplier control.

Chapter 9 – Performance Evaluation: This chapter discusses how organizations need to monitor and measure their performance in order to identify areas for improvement.

Chapter 10 – Improvement: This chapter covers the different improvement activities that an organization can undertake. These include things like corrective and preventive action, as well as continual improvement.



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