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QSE Academy

It’s time to get serious about your certification project! The first comprehensive, online platform for companies and consultants working on certification projects is here.

QSE Academy

ISO certification procedures need to be adapted for the digital age.

We are pioneers of the digital approach, using leading-edge technology to simplify procedures and apply executive quality management systems in the new age of digitalization.

One to One

Getting the necessary clarity about the current certification project to help you improve your system.


Online ISO standards courses now offers you a very powerful way to empower your business into success.

On Time

Punctuality is our top priority because it's an essential criteria to assess a program quality.

Online Coures

Online business coaching now offers you a very powerful way to empower your business into success.


You will get a clear sense of direction for your certification project, thorough assessment and faster implementation.

Self implementation

a self-implementation is possible with our documentary packages, turnkey, with the support of a remote consultant.

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