ISO 17025 2017 Main changes in the structure

ISO 17025 2017 Main changes Part 1 Structure
ISO 17025

ISO 17025 2017 Main changes in the structure

ISO 17025 changes structure

This new standard ISO 17025  includes some noteworthy changes related to its structure and scope that should be mentioned before we go into greater detail of each section of the standard.

ISO 17025 2017 Main changes in the structure

The new structure of the standard is no longer based on the two main chapters (four for Management requirements, and five for Technical requirements) we were used to; to be harmonized with the rest, this one follows the CASCO guidelines for conformity assessment standards, and the structure is more process-oriented:

Structure requirements

Resource requirements

Process requirements

Management system requirements

The standard also includes two Annexes that were not included in the previous version:

➢ Informative Annex A, related to metrological traceability

➢ Informative Annex B, related to the different options of the laboratory management system.

ISO 17025 changes in structure

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