Cosmetics GMP (ISO 22716) for Export Purposes

Cosmetics GMP ISO 22716 for Export Purposes
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Cosmetics GMP (ISO 22716) for Export Purposes

All cosmetics exporters must follow the GMP ISO 22716; as in EC Regulation 1223/2009, as mandated by the regulatory bodies in the industry.

What requirements are outlined in this regulation?

Good Manufacturing Practices dictate that all cosmetics products that are imported to Europe, Asia, and New Zealand be manufactured in a particular way.

The GMP makes up the bulk of the New European Regulation for Cosmetics. These regulations make up the majority of the rules related to consumer safety of cosmetics products. New legal requirements have been created, with special emphasis on products that will be sold in the European Cosmetics Market, and dictate that their production must follow Good Manufacturing Practices. Companies are required to keep and maintain a Product Information File (PIF), to display their cosmetic safety assessment freely.

Implementing ISO 22716 will demonstrate this.

Why should you implement Good Manufacturing Practices?

-You will then comply with overseas legal requirements that have been newly created.

-Consumer confidence will be increased

-You will be able to access all available markets

-You will be able to prove to your stakeholders (importers, customers, retailers) that you are complying with the GMP

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GMP ISO 22716

This is the new guideline for GMP, in the cosmetics industry and describes how best to implement GMP in any facility that produces a finished cosmetics product.

If you want to demonstrate that you comply with the GMP, then you should implement the ISO 22716 in your facilities. This means the implementation of 17 different requirements as well as a new management system that documents and regulates the production schedule, as well as storage, control, and shipment protocols of the finished cosmetic products. These new requirements ensure that you will have practical and easy to implement methods in managing the several different factors that influence the quality of your product.

Scope of Application

ISO 22716 applies to everything related to the control, production, storage, quality, and shipment of cosmetic products.

Remember that this standard does not apply to any research, development, or distribution activities associated with the finished cosmetic products.

Implement GMP ISO 22716 with us
Implement ISO 22716 with us

What is the importance of the ISO 22716?

The safety of cosmetic products on the markets has been a growing concern, so the ISO 22716 has been established a prerequisite needed to even place your product on the European market. The EU Cosmetics Regulation has established it as a pillar of its organization.

July 11, 2013, the Cosmetics Regulation (also known as EC 1223/2009), replaced the Cosmetics Directive (76/768/EEC) and ensured that cosmetic manufacturers had to make CPSR and fall in line with the ISO 22716.

It is needed if one wants to export any cosmetic product to the European Market.

Many countries have begun adapting the ISO 22716 certification into their existing regulations, so so soon it will be necessary for a national CGMP.

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