Does ISO 9001 require first article inspection?

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ISO 9001是否要求进行首件检验?

Does ISO 9001 require first article inspection? No, ISO 9001 does not require first article inspection. However, first article inspection may be beneficial for organizations seeking to improve their operations and meet the needs of their customers. First article inspection is a process in which a sample of products is inspected to ensure that they meet the requirements of the customer or organization. First article inspection can help organizations identify and address problems early on before they become more widespread.

ISO 9001是否要求进行首件检验?

不,ISO 9001并不要求首件检验。通常只有在客户指定或合同要求的情况下才需要进行首件检验。也就是说,对所生产的头几件产品进行检查通常是一个好主意,以确保制造过程得到控制,并能够持续生产出符合要求的产品。此外,许多公司选择进行首件检验,以确保尽可能高的质量水平。首件检验可以由内部或独立的第三方进行。

First article inspection is a quality assurance process in which the first batch of product produced from a new production line or using new materials is inspected to ensure that it meets all quality requirements. This inspection is important in order to catch any problems with the manufacturing process before large quantities of non-conforming product are produced. First article inspection can be performed internally by the company’s quality assurance staff, or by an independent third party. The inspection typically includes a visual examination of the product as well as measurements to ensure that the product meets all dimensional requirements. Additionally, first article inspection may include functional testing of the product to ensure that it performs as intended. First article inspection is typically required when specified by the customer or when required by contract. That said, inspection of the first few articles produced is often a good idea in order to ensure that the manufacturing process is in control and capable of consistently producing conforming product. Additionally, many companies choose to perform first article inspection as a matter of course in order to ensure the highest possible quality levels.



ISO 9001是否要求进行首件检验?



总的来说,首件检验是一个宝贵的质量保证工具,可以帮助确保成品的质量。虽然ISO 9001没有要求进行首件检验,但为了尽早发现制造过程中的任何问题,并确保成品的最高质量水平,进行这种检验往往是一个好主意。



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