ISO/IEC 17025 Checklist?

ISO/IEC 17025 2017版检查表

ISO/IEC 17025检查表是根据标准的章节组织的,以确保对新标准的所有要求进行完整的评估。

ISO/IEC 17025检查表 :差距过渡检查表

如果你正在考虑准备一份 ISO 17025 2017 version Laboratory Management System (LMS) then where do you start? We start with a Gap Analysis to determine the gap between your current management system and an ISO 17025 conforming LMS. A Gap Analysis is used to assess an organization’s scope, readiness, and resources for building the system. It also provides us with the data to develop a project plan for ISO implementation.

 当您从ISO 17025:2005过渡到ISO 17025:2017时,这份差距分析清单可用于对照ISO 17025:2017的要求评估您的实验室管理体系(LMS)。


第二栏旨在提供对ISO 17025:2005要求的参考/比较。


ISO/IEC 17025 checklist covers audit questions based on ISO/IEC 17025:2017 requirements for each department of the testing and calibration laboratories as given below. ISO/IEC 17025 checklist is considered a very good tool for auditors to make an audit questionnaire to verify the effectiveness of the implemented laboratory management system. A total of more than 200 internal ISO 17025 audit questions are prepared based on ISO 17025:2017 standard.

This ISO 17025 checklist shall be filled in by laboratories that are applying for, or wish to renew its accreditation. If an accredited laboratory has made big changes in the management system?s structure, the ISO/IEC 17025 checklist also shall be filled in.

ISO/IEC 17025检查表中安排的段落与NS-EN ISO/IEC 17025(2017)中给出的顺序相同。在某些情况下,它们也被称为其他必要文件。


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