How to prepare for an ISO 9001 audit ?

如何准备ISO 9001审核?
ISO 9001

如何为ISO 9001审核做准备?

ISO 9001审核

对于一个已经建立了所有系统、没有纸面记录、不担心产品和服务质量的企业来说,被审计已经足够令人生畏。简而言之,一个已经达到了最高标准的企业 ISO 9001认证 is an ideal candidate for the standard’s third-party external audit process. For others, however, the prospect of an audit is nothing less than a nightmare.

Leading practitioners of the standard have their own ways of approaching an audit. A service company will probably be approached by its client’s customers to conduct the audit. The company will organize the audit according to its internal procedures, which it may well impose on its clients as part of their contractual commitments. In this way, it can maintain control over the process and keep up its reputation for quality and integrity. The company will also probably insist that its staff conduct the audit.

检查公司可能会做的事和它的名字一样:它将组织对你的场所和业务进行独立检查。该公司很可能有自己的内部程序,这些程序可能会被强加给公司,其 ISO 9001 它正在检查的认证。它也会急于保持质量和诚信的声誉。它不太可能坚持要求其工作人员 进行审计 但会选择第三方,因为他们的独立性和完整性是可以信赖的。


你的企业的规模和性质也会影响到 提供给你的审计类型. A large, multinational company will probably opt for an inspection company’s services; it can expect to receive a full team of independent auditors who will arrive in force, with all the latest gadgets and instruments. A small or medium-sized company, on the other hand, will look for a service company to undertake the audit. It will probably have to settle for less of a show: one or two auditors whose arrival may not be announced.

Audits can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re not sure what to expect. Luckily, there are some things you can do to prepare and make the experience go as smoothly as possible.

这里有几个关于如何准备ISO 9001审计的提示。

1. 对要求了如指掌.熟悉标准的所有要求,这样你就可以轻松地回答审核期间出现的任何问题。

2. Understand your organization’s procedures. 了解你的组织如何运作,并能够向审计师解释其程序。

3. 准备好回答问题 关于你的质量管理系统。审核员会想知道你的系统是如何运作的,以及它是如何使你的组织受益的。

4. 准备好展示证据。 审核员很可能会要求看到你的质量管理系统的运行实例。请确保手头有大量的文件来支持你的主张。

5. 有一个积极的态度. Show the auditor that you’re open to feedback and willing to make improvements to your system.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your ISO 9001 audit goes smoothly and that you’re prepared for anything that comes up. With a little bit of preparation, you can make the experience much less stressful and more productive.

审计的费用 也可能根据你的业务的复杂性以及你的组织的规模和地位而有所不同。一家服务公司可能会对全面的单点评估收取约$10,000的费用,或对内部评估收取$15,000的费用;一家跨国认证机构对其最新版本收费高达$200,000。 ISO 9001 内部审计包涵盖了分布在全球几十个业务单位的数千个项目。

审计结束后, 你的企业将 收到报告和证书.每个审计师都有自己的风格。有些人会很简短,当场给你一份报告的副本,并在会议结束时把证书交给你;另一些人则希望在签发这两份报告之前给你很多机会提问。

最后一点:虽然大多数审核员对ISO 9001都非常熟悉,但他们可能不会让他们知道,以防他们对你产生偏见。直接询问他们对该标准的了解,或者为了安全起见,要求他们提供一份 ISO 9001审核员为您进行审核.



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