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  • Prove the technical competence of laboratories by testing according to international standards
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ISO/IEC 17043:2010 defines the overall requirements for the competence of organizations that organize proficiency programs, and for the development and operation of these programs. These general guidelines are applicable to all types of 能力测试 and can be used as a basis for developing more precise technical specifications for each field of application.

?  What is ISO/IEC 17043:2010?

ISO 17043 is an international standard that defines the requirements for the competence of proficiency testing organizations and the development and execution of proficiency testing programs. It is a general standard that can be applied to all types of testing programs, but it can also be adapted to specific areas. The requirements of this standard are intended to ensure that organizations performing testing are qualified to do so and that they have the necessary means to meet the requirements applicable to their activities.

This includes training and qualified personnel, as well as the equipment and environment necessary to perform the tests properly. ISO 17043 also establishes guidelines for documenting test results so that they can be compared with each other or integrated into a global database. This allows end-users to measure the reliability of tested products and ensures product compliance with applicable requirements. The ISO 17043 standard is useful for those who want to ensure a high level of testing competence and provide greater certainty about the performance of the final product.

? ISO 17043 requirements:

ISO 17043 specifies the number of requirements that testing organizations must meet to be considered competent. The general requirements include requirements for human, material, and organizational resources.

With respect to human resources, the testing organization must have highly qualified personnel who are knowledgeable in the test methods and procedures applicable to their task. It is also required to maintain an adequate documentation system and records for each test performed. All personnel should receive ongoing training to ensure that they are current on their qualifications and knowledge.

The physical requirements state that the tools and materials used by the testing organization must be sufficiently accurate and appropriate for the task at hand. This includes the use of appropriate techniques, as well as appropriate measures to ensure the traceability of the results obtained during the tests performed.

?This ISO 17043 document package will help you to:

This ISO 17043 document package will help you ensure that your testing organization is competent and capable of meeting the requirements applicable to its activities.

It provides guidance on how to establish, manage and improve testing programs, while ensuring reliability and compliance with standards, including those specific to a given field.

This ISO 17043 document package provides guidelines for training the organization’s personnel to be qualified and knowledgeable in the methods and procedures necessary to perform testing accurately.

Equipment requirements are also described, allowing end users to keep their tools and materials up to date to ensure optimal accuracy of the results obtained.

It also contains guidelines on how results should be documented so that they can be compared with each other or integrated into a global database.

In addition, this documentation package provides guidance to testing organizations on the importance of maintaining an adequate documentation system, detailed information on how to report non-conformities or problems encountered during testing, and guidelines on the type of information required by customers and how this information should be organized and communicated to the appropriate stakeholders. Finally, it provides a clear and practical structure for everyone to easily comply with the requirements of ISO 17043.

?Who this Package is for:

  • This ISO 17043 documentation package is intended for testing organizations that want to maintain a qualified testing program that complies with the requirements of the standards.
  • It is also intended for those responsible for training the personnel of that organization to be competent and knowledgeable in the methods and procedures necessary to perform testing accurately;
  • End users who want to keep their tools and materials up to date to ensure optimal accuracy of test results;
  • And to organizations that need to monitor the documentation required to compare results with each other or to integrate this information into a global database.

?What are the expected results?

  • 1. Achieve and maintain an acceptable level of competence to ISO/IEC 17025 certification
  • 2. Follow the fundamental principles underlying the laboratory management system
  • 3. Meet additional requirements for impartiality, integrity, accountability, and professional competence
  • 4. Follow key processes to be followed by institutions (including consultation with relevant stakeholders and implementation of appropriate operational protocol)

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Marilyn C.
来自QSE学院团队 ?.

Marilyn C. 是国际标准化组织(ISO)规定的认证和实验室标准方面的主要专家。 她对ISO 17025、17020、17024、17034和17043认证有广泛的了解。 包括根据这些标准的评估和认证过程。她还拥有实施符合ISO 9000标准的质量管理体系(QMS)的经验。


此外,Marilyn还提供以下培训课程 质量管理系统(QMS)、风险评估和内部审计 为那些希望追求ISO认证的人提供服务。她还发表了几篇关于该主题的论文,并经常在各种行业会议上发言。

Marilyn?s expertise in accreditations and standards makes her an invaluable asset to any lab or organization looking to meet international standards of excellence. Her commitment to quality and customer service ensures that clients receive the best possible results when working with Marilyn C., making her an excellent choice for those seeking ISO certification or QMS guidance.

Marilyn精通于为实验室制定和实施符合ISO标准的质量管理体系。她有能力 审查现有系统,并确定不符合要求或需要改进的地方。 此外,她有能力为员工提供培训课程,以提高他们对ISO要求的理解,以及如何在实验室环境中实施这些要求。



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  1. ISO 17043 Quality Manual


  1. 文件控制
  2. Records Control
  3. 管理回顾
  4. 内部审计
  5. 纠正行动
  6. 预防性行动
  7. Proficiency Testing Scheme Development
  8. Proficiency Testing Scheme Implementation
  9. Data Analysis and Reporting
  10. Complaints Handling
  11. Personnel Competence and Training
  12. Equipment Calibration and Maintenance
  13. 风险管理
  14. Confidentiality and Impartiality

Records and Forms:

  1. Management Review Meeting Minutes
  2. Internal Audit Report
  3. Corrective Action Request
  4. Preventive Action Request
  5. Proficiency Testing Plan
  6. Proficiency Testing Report
  7. Data Analysis Results
  8. Complaints Register
  9. Training and Competence Records
  10. Equipment Calibration and Maintenance Records
  11. Risk Assessment Report
  12. Confidentiality and Impartiality Agreement
  1. SOP for Sample Preparation and Distribution
  2. SOP for Participant Registration and Communication
  3. SOP for Evaluation of Suppliers and Subcontractors
  4. SOP for Deviations, Non-conformities, and Appeals
  5. SOP for Quality Indicator Monitoring and Review
  6. SOP for Test Item Stability and Homogeneity Assessment
  7. SOP for Uncertainty Estimation in Proficiency Testing
  8. SOP for Customer Feedback Collection and Analysis
  9. SOP for Document and Record Retention and Disposal
  10. SOP for Incident Management and Reporting
  11. SOP for Health, Safety, and Environmental Management
  12. SOP for Contingency Planning and Emergency Response
  13. SOP for Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Operation
  14. SOP for IT Security and Data Protection
  15. SOP for Version Control and Change Management
  16. SOP for Proficiency Testing Provider Accreditation and Surveillance