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👉 何が 国際標準化機構/IEC 17065:2012?

Conformity assessment — Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes, and services

ISO 17065 2012 は、国際標準化機構(ISO)と国際電気標準会議(IEC)によって策定された国際規格です。製品、プロセス及びサービスの認証に携わる機関に対する要求事項を概説している。認証の目的、組織構造、要員の能力、認証プロセス、文書と記録、苦情処理と不服申し立て手続きに関する基準、および製品、プロセス、サービスの認証に関する要求事項が含まれています。

👉 It is important to note that ISO 17065 2012 does not define the specific criteria for the certification of a particular product, process or service – this is left in the hands of the certification body. The standard provides a set of requirements to ensure that any such criteria are developed and implemented in an effective, consistent, and transparent manner. Furthermore, this standard ensures that the certification body is able to demonstrate its technical competence for carrying out conformity assessments related to specific products, processes, or services.

👉 Certification bodies that comply with ISO 17065 2012 are recognized by governmental authorities, industry, and consumers as having the necessary expertise to carry out certification activities in a reliable manner. In other words, this standard is essential for ensuring that products, processes, and services meet international quality standards.

👉 さらに、ISO/IEC 17065:2012 に従って認証された適合性評価機関は、独立した、公平で、有能な認証サービスを提供できることを示すために、この規格を利用することができる。これは、顧客の信頼を獲得し、認証機関の評判を向上させるために不可欠である。

結論として、ISO/IEC 17065:2012 は、製品、プロセス及びサービスの評価に携わる認証機 関にとって重要な要求事項のセットを提供している。これは、これらの機関が信頼できる公平な認証サービスを提供できることを保証し、また、顧客の信頼を得るのに役立ちます。

この ISO/IEC 17065 2012 パッケージの内容です。

The ISO/IEC 17065:2012 Package contains all the documents needed to ensure compliance with international standards. These documents include detailed instructions on how to carry out conformity assessments of products, processes, and services in an effective, consistent, and transparent manner. Moreover, these documents provide guidance on the objectives of certification and how to develop and implement criteria for specific products, processes or services. In addition, the package also contains information on the organizational structure of a certification body, as well as details concerning personnel competence and documentation and records management. Finally, the package includes instructions on how to handle complaints and appeals procedures in accordance with ISO/IEC 17065:2012.

ISO/IEC 17065:2012 Package provides all the documents needed to ensure compliance with international standards. This package includes detailed instructions on how to carry out conformity assessments of products, processes, and services in an effective, consistent, and transparent manner. Furthermore, it contains procedures and policies, Quality Manual which help certification bodies show that they are able to provide independent, impartial, and competent certification services. With this package at hand, certification bodies can easily demonstrate their technical competence while also gaining customer trust.


This ISO 17065 2012 Package is designed for certification bodies that are involved in conformity assessments related to products, processes, and services. It is also useful for organizations that want to get an independent and impartial assessment of their products, processes, or services. Additionally, this package can be used by organizations that are looking to gain customer trust in their products and services. Finally, this package can be used by governmental authorities, industry, and consumers that require certification to verify the quality of products, processes, and services.

  • – Certification bodies seeking accreditation to the requirements of ISO 17065 standards
  • – Entities seeking to ensure that their certification programs are compliant with ISO 17065 standards
  • – Providers and clients wishing to implement an effective and sustainable accreditation program
  • – Anyone directly or indirectly involved in the development or implementation of the certification process

👉The requirements of the ISO 17065 standard:

  • 1. Organizations shall establish and maintain a competence management system to ensure the effectiveness of the assessment program
  • 2. Providers must define the contractual arrangements necessary to perform their assessment activities
  • 3. Providers must have qualified staff to perform all activities required by their assessment program
  • 4. Product/service-specific documentation is required for certified personnel to comply with certificate support requirements
  • 5. Where necessary, appropriate technical procedures must be in place to ensure the validity and honesty of the certification process
  • 6. Program controls are required to verify the accuracy and precision of results.
  • 7. Certification bodies must establish oversight processes to ensure that certified products and services meet the requirements of the accreditation program
  • 8. Providers must establish management mechanisms to ensure that their programs are updated and meet quality and performance requirements.
  • 9. Reporting and recording procedures must be in place to ensure the traceability of results.
  • 10. Appropriate processes must be in place to ensure that the required level of competence and quality is maintained.

👉This ISO 17065 documentation package will help you to:

  • 1. Understand the requirements of ISO 17065 and ensure compliance
  • 2. Develop a competence management system for your organization
  • 3. Establish and maintain appropriate documentation of your accreditation activities
  • 4. Define corrective procedures necessary to ensure the accuracy and precision of the accreditation process
  • 5. Implement effective program controls to verify that products/services meet the requirements of the program
  • 6. Ensure that quality and objectivity are maintained throughout the accreditation process
  • 7. Ensure traceability, monitoring, and reporting on accreditation
  • 8. Continuously maintain a high level of competence and adequate performance
  • 9. Develop an effective governance system and implement training processes adapted to your needs



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マリリンは、多くの組織が希望するISOの認定や認証を取得するのを支援してきた、経験豊富なコンサルタントです。ISO や IEC などの国際標準化団体が定める要件を満たすために、プロセスや手順をどのように改善すればよいかを指導しています。また、顧客と密接に連携し、ラボの運用が高い基準を満たし、長期的な成功のために認定を維持できるよう支援します。

さらに、マリリンは以下のようなトレーニングコースも提供しています。 品質マネジメントシステム(QMS)、リスクアセスメント、内部監査 は、ISO 認証取得を目指す人のためのものです。また、このテーマに関する論文をいくつか発表しており、さまざまな業界会議で定期的に講演を行っています。

マリリンは、認定と規格に関する専門知識を有しており、国際的な卓越した規格を満たしたいと考えているラボや組織にとって、貴重な資産となります。品質と顧客サービスに対する彼女のコミットメントは、顧客が Marilyn C. と仕事をする際に可能な限り最高の結果を得ることを保証し、ISO 認証または QMS の指導を求める人々にとって彼女は素晴らしい選択肢となります。

マリリンは、ISO規格に準拠した研究所の品質管理システムの開発および導入に精通しています。彼女は、次のような能力を備えています。 既存のシステムを見直し、不適合または改善すべき領域を特定する。 さらに、ISOの要求事項や実験室環境での実施方法についての理解を深めるために、スタッフにトレーニングコースを提供することも可能です。



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👉 このパッケージでは、以下の機能を提供します。

  • フル ライフタイム アクセス
  • Access on a laptop, desktop, and mobile
  • 修了証書の発行

👉 このパッケージの内容


  1. Document Control Procedure
  2. Record Control Procedure
  3. Internal Audit Procedure
  4. Corrective and Preventive Action Procedure
  5. Management Review Procedure
  6. Competence and Training Procedure
  7. Complaints and Appeals Procedure
  8. Confidentiality and Impartiality Procedure
  9. Certification Process Procedure
  10. Surveillance and Reassessment Procedure
  11. Use of Logo and Certification Mark Procedure

Records and Forms:

  1. Document Distribution List
  2. Master Document List
  3. Record Retention Schedule
  4. 内部監査スケジュール
  5. Internal Audit Report
  6. Corrective and Preventive Action Request
  7. Management Review Meeting Minutes
  8. Competence and Training Records
  9. Complaints and Appeals Log
  10. Confidentiality Agreement
  11. Impartiality Risk Assessment
  12. Certification Application Form
  13. Certification Agreement
  14. Assessment Checklist
  15. Certification Decision Form
  16. Surveillance and Reassessment Report


  1. Quality Management System Manual


  1. Organizational Chart
  2. Process Flowchart
  3. Policy Statement on Confidentiality and Impartiality
  4. Certification Scope and Criteria
  5. Approved Certifier List

Additional SOPs:

  1. SOP for Application Review and Acceptance
  2. SOP for Certification Scheme Development and Maintenance
  3. SOP for Selecting and Monitoring Assessors
  4. SOP for Planning and Conducting Assessments
  5. SOP for Suspending, Withdrawing or Reducing the Scope of Certification
  6. SOP for Changes Affecting Certification
  7. SOP for Control of Outsourced Processes
  8. SOP for Control of Certification Information and Documents
  9. SOP for Risk Management in Certification Activities
  10. SOP for Preventing Misuse of the Certification Body’s Name and Logo