New worldwide guidelines for long-term financial sustainability have been released

new worldwide guidelines

New worldwide guidelines for long-term financial sustainability have been released



The first internationally accepted dictionary of terminology and definitions to be made available to all to promote greater understanding and wider acceptance in the industry is ISO/TR 32220, Sustainable finance – Core ideas and important activities. Financial regulators, banks, asset managers, investors, research institutes, and others will find a non-exhaustive list of words widely used in the financial markets in the Technical Report (TR).


新しい世界的なガイドライン - ISO 32210「持続可能な金融のためのフレームワーク」。ISO/TR 32220 に、まもなく原則と指針が追加される予定です。 は、持続可能な金融のための枠組みと基本原則を提供することを目的としています。これらのテキストは、現在の概念を統合し、この分野の標準的な命名法、規範、国際的なベストプラクティスを作成するために協働するものです。これらのテキストは、長期的な投資を行う企業が製品を構築するためのプラットフォームを提供し、新しいプレイヤーの市場参入を可能にします。

新しい 規格 は、ISO 14097 と共に使用されます。, Greenhouse gas management and related activities – A framework for climate change assessment and reporting of investments and finance activities, which is a framework comprised of principles and requirements. This newly released guideline aids funders in evaluating and documenting the impact of their efforts, as well as valuing their contribution to climate goals.

ISO/TR 32220 is the first guideline paper issued by the sector’s new technical committee (ISO/TC 322, Sustainable Finance), whose secretariat is provided by ISO’s UK member, BSI.




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