About us

We make ISO standards easy to understand, also, easy to implement.

Qse academy has become one of the most sought after consulting firms when it comes to implementing best practices across a variety of functional areas including Quality, Productivity, Environment, Health and Safety, Business Process Improvements, Project Management and IT to a wide array of industry sectors.

ISO standards are not difficult to implement for small and medium businesses – all you need is our documentation tools, along with our direction and support offsite. Our toolboxes and different services were developed for ease of use and to, with no master knowledge required.

In addition, here at Qse-Academy, we eliminate the pressure and cerebral pain that can accompany doing it without anyone’s help, and you’ll take out the gigantic sticker price that accompanies an expert on location.

Highly motivated individuals always find a way to tackle the challenge in the most creative and flexible way.

Recent Courses

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ISO 15189 2012 version course

12 Students
$289.00 $189.00

ISO 14025 2015 version course

11 Students

ISO 22716 2017 version course

21 Lessons
25 Students